Friday, May 27, 2011

1-Day Sitting Schedule: Annotated Version

4:35 Wake-up Bell ends - Someone in the guest house had already made coffee, for which I am very grateful

4:50 1st Bell - Yes, 4:50AM, head to the zendo immediately, try to find the right door, in the dark

5:00 SITTING - In the dark, watching the zendo get lighter slowly

5:40 Walking - So very slowly, one step at a time

5:50 SITTING - more light coming in, more awake after the walk

6:30 Morning Service - we're chanting what now? on which page?

7:00 Soji (temple cleaning) - stayed behind for breakfast instruction

7:20 BREAKFAST - went okay, missed the wash cycle

8:15 Rest - no meditating after you eat

9:00 1st Bell- back to it

9:10 SITTING - getting the hang of this

9:50 Set up for Talk - turns out you're not supposed to stack the seat-thingys

10:00 DHARMA TALK - "you may be wondering, what did I sign up for?" well, now that you mention it…

11:10 Walking - fast, on a loop through the zendo and out alongside the pond, saw a blue heron in the yard being harassed by a red-winged blackbird

11:20 SITTING - did I just see that?

12:00 Noon Service - still needed help with the chant book

12:15 LUNCH - achievement unlocked: clean your bowl

1:10 Rest - almost an hour, but no talking, reading or writing

2:00 1st Bell - back in the box

2:10 SITTING- support cushions, how do they work?

2:40 Walking - sweet relief

2:50 SITTING - support cushions really working

3:20 TEA - and COOKIE! OMFB a cookie

3:45 Rest - legs really need a stretch, nice to be outside

4:00 1st Bell - OK almost there

4:10 SITTING - support cushions helping

4:35 Walking - so very slowly

4:45 SITTING - who let the monkey in here?

5:10 Walking - only one session left, almost there

5:20 SITTING - can't really feel legs anymore

5:50 Evening Service - actually found the chants by myself

6:00 DINNER (in dining room) - thanks, but i really need to get in my car and put on some loud music now