Monday, June 18, 2018

One Hundred Thousand Million Kalpas

According to the big bang "theory" It's been ~13.8 Billion years (13.8 * 10^9) since the beginning of time, and roughly 10^100 years until our universe ends (that's a Googol of years, btw).
We're always going on about one hundred, thousand, million (really ten thousand) Kalpas before lectures: a Kalpa is 4.32 Billion years (4.32 * 10^9 years) so we're talking about 4.32 * 10^18 years all together, which is more than 3.13 * 10^8 times the current age of the universe.
Grated, that's only one 2.31*  10^72 th the projected age of the universe (due to "heat death" when the last black-hole evaporates and it becomes impossible to create any new information) but the good news is that the universe will be reincarnated out of quantum vacuums fluctuation or tunneling in another 10^56 years, which is a long time to wait for Maitreya, but at least we get some quality Nirvana time while we wait.